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Southeast Lineman Training Center is the premier training school for apprentice lineworker training; consistently producing an elite group of highly trained and certified graduates.

We accomplish this through a training style and philosophy that is unlike any other program offered in the country. This philosophy and style have earned us an outstanding reputation in the industry. Many companies now require students to attend SLTC before they will be considered for employment. Because only the most determined students finish the intense 15-week program, our graduates are well equipped to enter the utility industry and have a strong sense of accomplishment.


Great stories from great people who have experienced SLTC.

Kyle LundahlClass 44

I am a Marine Corps veteran and they helped me tremendously in getting my GI Bill so I could start school without financial difficulties. They are awesome at taking care of veterans!”

Zachary CookClass 48

Attending SLTC has by far set me on a good path for life. This is a career, not just a job, and it’s worth every week of time you spend at school.

Greg McQuigganClass 36

Of the six guys hired, including myself, 3 of them were graduates from the SLTC program. I owe you a thanks for getting my foot in the door and jump starting my future and career.

Mitch NelsonClass 36

I got my dream job! I’m sure my training at SLTC is what gave me the edge over everybody else. I heard there were over 1000 applicants!

Michael RobertsonClass 49

I chose to attend SLTC because of the high standards reputation they have earned over the years. The course challenged me to go outside my comfort zone while learning to trust the solid safety training I received.

Alex BaderClass 46

My life and career in linework is so much further along than I could have imagined when I first entered SLTC.

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